Magic Lite Long Burning Charcoal Tablets/Disc/Blocks for Resin & Powdered Incense

10 tablets in one packet

Remove the tablet / block from the sealed roll and place on a censer, brass burner or heat proof dish

Light the edge of the charcoal block with a match, taper, lighter. The tablet will then light across the surface. You can also break up the Disc with a mallet or hammer to aid lighting.

The tablet should be left to burn out and cool in the censer. If the tablet is to be extinguished before it is fully cooled, then it should be placed in a container of cool water.

Keeping the unused discs in an airtight container or foil when not in use.

Charcoal Tablets burn from 25-40 minutes .

Warning - after the charcoal block has been lit, do not handle it as it may cause burns. Do not dispose of the ash remains in a waste paper basket as this may cause fire. Do not hold the charcoal tablet with your hands when lighting or burning.

Keep away from pets and children.

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