Spirit Perfume Description

Product Features

- Made in Australia

- Cosmetic-grade fragrance

- Concentrated fragrance, contains no dilutants

- Ideal for use in oil burners, pot pourri & home fragrancing

- Can be used for candle making & soap making


Sandalwood and patchouli create a warm base sweetened with pink musk and orange blossom. Akasha is a word for the first element and the basis of all things in the natural world.


Warm spices of cinnamon, vetiver and vanilla surrounded by delicate rose water Turkish delight and pomegranate. Ishtar is the Babylonian Goddess of fertility, love & war.


Precious frankincense, copal amber and myrrh, aromatic cardamom and coriander with burnt sugar. Medina are narrow lanes that wind through the old Arab quarters of north Africa.


Floral avenues of blossoming cherry and plum trees, bergamot smoked tea, maple and cedar shavings. Sakura means cherry blossom - a metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life.


Fresh lemongrass with Thai basil and mint, sweet lotus blossoms and a base of patchouli and cedar. Sala is a place of rest and shade in a Thai Buddhist temple.


A floral heart of peony rose, magnolia and jasmine brightened with grapefruit, mandarin zest and lychee. Yulan is Mandarin for magnolia - an ancient symbol of purity.