On your spiritual healing journey, one of the the most powerful methods for clearing, cleansing and balancing your Chakra's is to use the power of affirmations.

Hand made in Nepal of 100% Cotton

Each string displays 7 simple everyday, positive reminders to help us get through life on brightly coloured flags.

These are great around the home or work or make a small but valuable gift.

1 roll has

7 flags
7 colours - yellow, orange, red, green, dark blue, light blue & cherry

7 different mantras - see below

1 Flag - 24 x 20 cm

Length of 7 flags including string - 185 cm approx



Chakra Flag Affirmations


Crown Chakra


I am connected to the Divine Source of the Universe. I am Light, I Trust.


Third Eye Chakra


My mind is open to new vision. I expand my awareness, through my higher self.


Throat Chakra


I am aligned with my highest truth and communicate this with Love & Honour. My words echo softly within the Universe.


Heart Chakra


My Heart is open to receive the Energy of Love. I walk my path with Ease & Grace.


Solar Plexus Chakra


My Will & Divine Will are one. I am connect to the Abundant flow of the Universe & easily manifest my dreams.


Sacral Chakra


I love all dimensions of myself. I delight in weaving the Creative Tapestry that is my Life.


Root Chakra


I am contented with the energy of Mother Earth. My Body, Mind & Spirit are Grounded, Centred & Purified


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