Meditation Body Butter - 220 g 

Australian Made - Blend of 12 Essential Oils
The Meditation Body Butter is a sophisticated and harmonious blend of natural substances which combine to make a fragrant body lotion. Massage all over the body after a shower or bath and your skin will feel protected, moisturised, nourished, soft, silky & smooth.

A very satisfying beauty therapy, suitable for all skin types.

Customer Reviews

Meditation body butter

Beautiful- my all time favourite

Written by Maree Grieve on 9th Jun 2022
Meditation Body Butter

A delicious scented butter . Lovely coverage. Long lasting scent. Very sexy and calming.

Written by Rose Lei on 24th May 2022
Meditation Body Butter

The Body Butter is a mix of mysterious shades of scent. It stands out all by itself and it makes a great substitute for deodorant. I've been using it for years and have never tired of it. It's in that wonderful middle-ground between lotion and cream, and I hope that the makers never stop making it.

Written by Paul Harrison on 16th Feb 2022
Meditation body butter

I really like the fragrance and consistency

Written by Christine Hart on 9th Nov 2021
Meditation Body Butter

This product is absolutely luxurious! It is light but rich and fragrant with 12 essential oils. It is my favorite line and I will reorder in the future.

Written by Linda on 21st Mar 2019