Box of Meditation Range Incense

24 Sticks in a Box

The Meditation Range contains a delicate blend of 12 essential oils: Oil of Bergamot, Patchouli, Nutmeg, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood, Lavender, Balsam of Benzoin and Tolu, Gum of Frankincense, Bay Oil and Essence of Oakmoss.

Creates a rich and pure fragrance with an evocative, deeply satisfying quality.

Perfect for use during and following meditation to deepen your relaxation.

The fragrance is unforgettable!!

Customer Reviews

Meditation Range Incense

I have used various incense sticks and found them unsatisfactory for one reason or another. So I did a lot of research and switched to the Meditation Range Incense Sticks. I have never looked back. I am really grateful that I am able to use these incense sticks as I need to use them for my work and also at home. A truly fantastic product.

Written by Hanaa Boruch on 15th Jun 2022
Meditation incense sticks

Beautiful scent that takes you to a whole new level of "feel good" very addictive.

Written by Rose Lei on 24th May 2022
Meditation Incense

I have tried so many Incense during my lifetime. Patouli in the seventies was a big one. Unfortunately it smelt great but gave me monster headaches. I came across this Meditiation Incense and haven’t used any other type. I love the little roll on perfume. The soap is beautiful. I’ve managed to convert my son which is nice to slip some in with his gifts. We live in a very small unit and I have the Incense and lighter on the cupboard outside the toilet door. It certainly makes an unpleasant odour disappear. Just love it. And if I’m not going to be in Newcastle I can always order online which is great. Best product

Written by Maria Kennedy on 8th Apr 2020