A string of 100% Cotton Mini Flags with 8 Auspicious Symbols of Good Luck 

Length of string – 110 cm

1 Flag – 9 x 10 cm

The eight auspicious symbols are a parasol, two fish, the great treasure vase, a lotus flower, a conch shell, an endless knot, a banner representing victory, and the wheel of dharma.

Umbrella or Parasol – protection

Two Golden Fish  – happiness, fertility, and abundance. 

Great Treasure Vase –  long life, good health and prosperity.

Lotus Flower Blossom - purity.

Conch Shell - power, divinity and protection.

Endless Knot - eternal wisdom and compassion. 

Banner of Victory – helps to overcome  evil  on the path to enlightenment

Wheel of Dharma – enlightenment  and joy

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