Pack of 7 rolls of Healing Flags on a string to be hung horizontally

Hand made in Nepal of 100% Cotton

Each string displays 7 simple everyday, positive reminders to help us get through life on brightly coloured flags.

These are great around the home or work and make a small but valuable gift.

1 roll has

7 flags
7 colours - yellow, orange, red, green, dark blue, light blue & cherry

7 different mantras - see below

1 Flag - 24 x 19.5 cm

Length of 7 flags including string - 185 cm approx



  • I am safe. I trust more, I fear less. I am centred and grounded
  • I feel my emotions and my pain, I reawaken my passion, I surrender to this moment.
  • I am courageous, I am whole, I stand in my power
  • I am loved, I let love in, I am kind to myself, I live in peace & gratitude
  • I play in my imagination, I create my reality, I know my truth
  • I honour my intuition, I accept my path, I am healing, body mind and spirit
  • I connect with spirit, I invite sacred transformation, I embrace the unity of all beings

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