Tribal Soul

Tribal Soul incense is an exceptional incense from Bengaluru (Bangalore) in the south of India.

Tribal Soul is made with 100% all-natural ingredients with high quality, beautiful scents.

Ethically Produced Bio Friendly NO Child Labour

Beautifully packaged in paper wrapping & a feather.

15 g per Packet

5 Fragrance

Palo Santo: a wild tree grown in Amazon rainforest of Ecuador & Peru, from same family as Copal, Myrrh & Frankincense. A sweet, balsamic & herbal scent. Wonderfully calming & soothing.

Sweetgrass: is the sacred hair of Mother Earth. Has a vanilla-like fragrance Cedar is also used for cleansing rituals and healing rites; sweet and herbaceous.

Copal: has a rich sweet, piney smell. Considered a sacred resin by Mayans and Aztecs, and still used today in shamanic ceremonies for energetic protection, offering, cleansing and purification. Excellent to make positive changes.

Lavender: to soothe & calm by restoring emotional balance. Opens the heart chakra and attracts loving energy. Earthy White Sage and Lavender create a peaceful, harmonious atmosphere.

White Sage + Palo Santo: The combination of the earthy aroma of White Sage with the soothing balsamic scent of Palo Santo provides a perfect environment for meditation


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